Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Window Garden

A quick post while I am in Yellowknife and free internet...

I started a hydroponic windoe garden. It so far has 4 recycled bottles, inside is a natural wool with a soil pellet. I had to paint the bottoms and they are joined so the water can flow through each to the bottom reservor. I have to get my recyled I-V bag that I will inject with the fertiliser solution and it can feed my plants (that is if they grow) continuesly (SP).

Other thing you can see that the snow is melting!! The temp has been above 0 a few times. The moisture in the air is coming so it can feel like home somethings.

Well I can write more, I have a plane to catch...Just wanted the free internet to load some pics..

Melting....river running through..

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  1. Wow how neat is that. I hope you post updates on your garden.